Experience the relief of professional church communication done right.

Tools that keep your community growing and thriving while freeing you up to focus on ministry.

Experience the relief of professional church communication done right.

Tools that keep your community growing and thriving while freeing you up to focus on ministry.


Most churches spend too much time and energy trying to communicate with ineffective tools.

Your time is a precious commodity and should be spent in your ministry, not trying to figure out the best way to get people’s attention and relay information. We’ve created the ultimate communication toolbox that will help you reach all your growth goals. And the best part? We do all the heavy lifting!


Engage with visitors like never before with an attractive design and an easy to use interface. 90% of guests will check out your website before walking through your doors. Make sure your first impression is one that will last.

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Keep current members connected with push notifications and group resources at their fingertips. Oh! And did we mention it integrates seamlessly with your website? No need to double up on data entry. 

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Broaden your reach with a marketing plan designed specifically for your needs. Increase the traffic to your website in as little as one month. The growth potential is limitless. 

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The New Coast Media Difference

For over 10 years, New Coast Media’s team of experts have been creating websites and other digital applications that actually work to help Churches communicate better. Our team has completed hundreds of beautiful church projects with excellent results.

First, we create a website that is engaging and effective.

Second, we launch your app that works seamlessly with your website.

Third, we create a marketing plan to broaden your reach and engagement.



Getting a new website can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Custom Design: “Why can’t I get any straight answers?”

How much will it cost? How long will it take? Does the designer know how to ask the right questions to give you the results you are looking for? A lot of time, money and energy could be spent on lackluster results. Can/will this designer manage your hosting and ongoing support or will you be left to figure out ongoing maintenance for yourself?

Fill it in Template: “I had no idea what I was getting myself into!”

They claim to be “easy”. Yes, easier than starting from scratch but usually these templates end up being time-consuming and painful to use. While wanting to pull your hair out, you’ll realize, you are limited on functionality and the customization you truly need. In the end, they won’t deliver a polished and professional-looking final project. 

Do it Yourself: “This is too important to not trust a professional.”

A website is a tool that your team can use. Just like you wouldn’t expect your media team or volunteers to build lights, cameras, sound equipment, or other tools from scratch, you shouldn’t expect them to build a website. Unless your team has an up to date knowledge of web design and the latest technology associated with church communications, trust a professional.


You deserve to spend all your time and energy on ministry.


Let us handle this.

Get your website and app built in less than 4 weeks.

Choose your design, our team handles the rest.

Add sermons, events and announcements in minutes per month.

Engage visitors and members through professionally designed layouts.

Communicate efficiently and effectively with optimum user experience.

Need to make a change? Our team is a support ticket away.

“I have never used a system as simple and as easy as the New Coast Media platform. They have saved us so much time, and our site looks amazing.”

– Tyler S.

“Switching to the New Coast Media platform was incredibly smooth and painless. The entire process was so streamlined. We love our new site!”

– Wes C.

“The experts at New Coast Media are trully a blessing to work with. Through 3 website projects they have always over delivered.”

– Dennis S.


Engage with visitors.

A website is one of the most powerful tools a church can use to grow their congregation. It’s the foundation of where communication is shared. Communication is key when working with people whether they are visitors or long standing members. 

Set a solid communication foundation with a website that was built to attract visitors and give them the information they’re looking for.


Keep current members connected.

The app is a building block on the foundation of your website. After your website is built, your app will pull all the information and put it in a nice, easily accessible format for members to stay informed and involved with what’s going on. 

Take the next step and invest in your church’s community by helping them stay connected with information that will always be in their pocket or purse.


Broaden your reach.

With your new website and app firmly established it’s time to think about how you can get them in front of more people and grow your community. Through proven marketing techniques we can help you find those that are actively seeking a church home in your area.

If growth is what you want, marketing is the next step your church should invest in.


It’s easy to get digital communication that works.


We spend a few minutes discussing your church, your needs, and what design will work best.


Our team gets to work, creating a website and app to capture your church’s branding and vision.


Add a marketing package to enjoy the peace of mind, knowing your website is working, while you change lives.



The New Coast Media Difference


In as little as 4 weeks!

Update your Church Website in minutes per month

Sermons – Audio, Video and Live Streaming

Church Events and Sign up Forms

Unlimited Blogging

Easily add Church Announcements

Mobile Friendly for any Device

$3,500 +



Automatically Updates 

The App updates automatically from the Website

Push Notifications

Small Groups Feature for sharing information privately 

News Feed with the latest happenings at your Church

Compatible with Apple and Google Devices

$1,500 +



Grow your Community FAST!

Google Ads

Social Media Marketing

Automatic Email Sequences

Custom Monthly Reporting

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Tools that keep your community growing and thriving while freeing you up to focus on ministry.

Get Started Today!

Tools that keep your community growing and thriving while freeing you up to focus on ministry.