Expand your audience

Increase your sales

Do more of what you love

Expand your audience

Increase your sales

Do more of what you love

Who We Serve

We help passionate business owners get to the next level.

No matter the industry, our clients have one thing in common – You’re driven to grow your business by putting your customers at the center of what you do.

You are dedicated to going out of your way to help customers succeed because it’s the right way to do business.

We understand that WHY you do business matters more than WHAT industry or service you are in.

That’s why New Coast Media specializes in web design for service providers that are building momentum and are ready to unlock more growth and success for their business

Our approach to web design starts with having a solid understanding of your business and building a personal relationship with each client. We love to see you increase your impact, improve your life and make a bigger difference in the lives of your customers.

New Coast Media designs websites that help you grow your business, increase your impact and do more of what you love.

Driven to make a difference, one website at a time.

Clients like you are are making a difference in your community and the lives of your customers. We help you spread the word through beautiful, easy-to-understand web design that helps you focus on what you do best — Grow your business.

How much is a bad website costing you?

Your website could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities every year. Don’t let another year go by without getting a plan to increase your impact and let you focus more on what you love about your business.

Getting a new website shouldn’t break the bank or hold you back from doing what you love. 

Easy Process

After years of working with clients in dozens of industries, we have created a process that makes taking your business to the next level simple.

Invest Wisely

Before any projects begin, we create a plan that is solely based on your company’s objectives. Never spend a dime on something you didn’t anticipate or find value in.

Have Confidence

You’ve worked hard to to get your business to where it is. You deserve a team you can trust and that believes in your company as much as you do.

Getting a new website shouldn’t break the bank or hold you back from doing what you love.

How do we make life easier? 

Over the past 10 years, we’ve streamlined your path to getting a website that you can love and will get you results. Here’s how we do it:


Let’s Chat

Schedule a no-pressure call to talk about your goals and see if we are the right fit to help you grow.


Websites that Work

Using our 4-step design process, we will create a website to tell your story and inspire your audience to take action.


Grow Your Company

Unlock new growth for your business with an easy to use, beautiful new website.

Why New Coast Media?

Most marketing and website companies make it very difficult to understand what to buy and why. Busy business owners, like yourself, have limited amounts of time to make all these decisions which leave you frustrated and overwhelmed. We’ve created a web design process that helps business owners have confidence in their website investment.

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At New Coast Media we know that you want to be a world changer and make a difference. In order to do that, you need to reach more people and grow your business. The problem is there are so many crooked people and businesses in this world, waiting to take advantage of good people like yourself. How are you supposed to know who to trust and will take the opportunity of helping your business grow seriously? You feel overwhelmed, frustrated and wish you could just focus on the parts of your business that you love.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have a business and life they love. 

We understand the vulnerable and confusing place that you are in. You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is and you deserve a team you can trust and that believes in your company as much as you do. That is why we are dedicated to transparency, authenticity, simplicity, and lasting relationships with our clients.


Here’s how we do it:

First: Easy and Simple Processes
Be confident that you are making wise investments by starting with a Roadmap Strategy Session that will reveal the best path to reach your goals. Take a step at a time at your preferred pace. Always feel secure, knowing what to expect at each step along the way.

Second: Upfront and Flat Rate Pricing
Download our pricing and process guide to see exactly what your investment could look like. Does your budget only allow for a single page design right now? Awesome! Let’s start there and when you’re ready and have made some ROI then we can continue with your marketing strategy. 

Third: Pay-as-you-go Invoicing
We work in stages so you only pay for the stage that you are in. You are not committed to an entire website from the get-go. We know this is a major commitment so we start with the Roadmap Strategy Session to help ease you into the process and make sure you love what we do before you commit to the next step. 


So, schedule or give us a call today. We can’t wait to hear about your business success, dreams for the future, and how we can help make them all come true. 

  • Ashley did an outstanding job on our new website. The new site was on time and within budget. We were looking for perfection and got it. I highly recommend Ashley & her team.

    Ross Bridgers New Deal Metal Buildings
  • My team spent 2 hours with Ashley and it saved me beating my head against the wall. Writing our website text was simple and effective. I feel like we have a heavyweight sledgehammer when we used to have a plastic toy hammer to do a job. Thank you Ashley!

    Kevin Wasie Exactly
  • All the partners agree we could not be happier that we made the investment in a website with New Coast Media. Ashley’s eye for design truly makes us stand out from the other insurance agencies in town.

    Nathan Hathorn Perkins Insurance Agency

StoryBrand Certified Guides

New Coast Media has a team of StoryBrand Certified Guides that help you clarify your message so people will listen. When your message is clear and delivered where your customers want it, you’ll see the growth results.

Learn more about StoryBrand.

Process and Pricing for 

Websites That Work


Our process is to work in Stages. Depending on where we determine your business needs to begin you might start in Phase 1 or you might be ready to dive into Phase 3. During our initial call, we will determine your best starting point and strategy for growing your business. 

We believe pricing should be simple and easy to understand. Because of that, we use flat-rate for every client so you never have to question what your investment will be!

How are we different from other web design companies?

We communicate throughout the project

Many businesses are frustrated with web designers that take forever and don’t communicate throughout the project. We think you should have a site you love, without the hassle of chasing down freelancers and deadlines. That’s why we’ve built a highly-responsive team you can trust.

We’ve taken the hassle out of project timelines

As a small business, we get that you have limited time to make the right decisions with marketing. Over 10 years, we’ve streamlined our 4-step design process so you can make decisions quickly and move on with running your business. We’ll work to create a schedule to match your goals and assign you a project manager to keep things on track.

Easy, flat-fee pricing so you know exactly what to budget

You shouldn’t have to guess at how much your next project will cost. Our planning process takes the guesswork out website design with clear, easy to understand pricing.

We stick with you after launch

Unlike some website companies, we don’t disappear after launch. Your professional website will need to stay up-to-date and evolve as your business grows. We’re here for you for the long haul, so you can rest assured your site will be ready when you are.

Creating a beautiful and effective website shouldn’t be a pain.