Do you offer email services?

Our focus is on designing and developing excellent websites. We leave email up to companies that focus on email. We are happy to give advice and recommendations for email providers.

Do you register my domain name or do I need to register it?

Domain registration for your primary domain is included at no extra charge. You are also welcome to register and maintain your domain in your own account. You will ALWAYS own your domain even if we register and manage it for you.

Do I have to get the app when I get the website?

No. You can add the app at any point in time. The app pulls from the website’s database, so you do have to have a New Coast Media website in order to have the app.

Will I be able to track visitor traffic to my site?

Yes. Google analytics integration is included with your website.

How many pages can I have?

There are no limits on the number of pages you can have. Our packages start with 30 pages that our team will build out for you. More pages can be added for an additional cost, or after site launch, you can add unlimited pages on your own.

Are there limits on sermons and blogs?

There are no limits on the number of sermons or blogs you can post. You receive 100 GB of file storage with your website. If you plan to utilize weekly videos of your sermons, we highly recommend utilizing a service such as Vimeo Plus for hosting those video files. By using this method, most churches can backlog several years of sermons, events, and other files without worry of running out of file storage.

How do I update and/or make changes to my website?

You will have access to our custom site management dashboard where you can easily add and update sermons, events, announcements, blog posts, pages, and more.

Need to make a simple image swap or text change? Easily, click and edit with our incredibly easy to use Visual editor.

You will also have access to our support ticketing system with 20 tickets per 12-month rolling period. These tickets can be used for any content for content swapping, including changing text, images, or colors.

Tickets do not cover additional pages or section build-outs. These will be addressed on an hourly or per-project cost basis depending on the need.

Do you build websites for both churches and ministries?

Absolutely! We can customize any of our designs to meet your exact ministry needs.

Can I self host my website?

Our focus is to make having and maintaining your church website as quick and simple as possible. Hosting your site is one of the ways we make sure you can focus on your ministry. All New Coast Media Church websites are hosted by New Coast Media to ensure the site will function properly and includes ongoing support. Ongoing support includes security updates and automated backups. Your site will be hosted on a dedicated server to ensure security, reliability, and performance.

What kind of training will I receive?

Once your site is live we will schedule a screen sharing training for anyone on your team that needs to know how to make changes to sermons, events, announcements, pages, and blogs. You will very easily be able to manage your site and change content. If you can use Facebook, you can manage your website.

Do you require a long term contract?

There are no contracts for your website or app. You can choose to cancel service with us at any point in time for any reason.

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